Bente Møn

Studio in Magasinet,

Magasinvegen 14, Voss, Norway

Instagram: monartbyheart


Utdanning/ Education art

2019 Art school and artist community, Anne's studio. Course

2018 Course with Kseria Amis, figurative artist and teacher, Udemy.

2018 Therapeutic art life coach sertification, teachers Joel and Natalie Riviera, Udemy

2014 Art therapy course. Hardanger art school

2001- 2004 Drawing, shape and color. Knarvik and Voss.



Utstillinger/ Exhibitions

2019 Anima Mundi Art festival, Consciousness, Venice, Italy

2019 Kulturverkstaden Magasinet, Voss, Norway

2018 Gallery 19, christmas exhibition, Voss, Norway

2018 Gallery 19, transformation, Voss, Norway

2017 Brattetaule, Radøy, Norway

2014 Gallery Alversund, Alversund, Norway

2013 Radøy municipality house, Norway

2004 School exhibition, Knarvik, Norway




Bileta er uttryksfulle, figurative, symbolske og intuitive. Ein fugl i bur illustrerer ikkje nødvendigvis det, men kan være et bilde på menneskets begrensninger, trygghet ellere vaner. Det kjem an på kven som betraktar bilete. 

Ynskje er å vekke tankar og følelser hjå andre. Bileta er skapt gjennom kjensler, tankar, akrylmaling, kull og andre materialer.


Bente Møn (born 1985) paints expressive, figurative, symbolic and and intuitive paintings. A bird in cage does not necessarily illustrate a bird in cage, it can be a picture of a humans limitations, security, or habits. It depends on whoever view, and how it is interpreted.

Her desire is to awaken thoughts and feelings to those who see the painting. The paintings are created by emotions and thougts using paint, charcoal and sometimes other materials.

Møn was born in Voss, grow up on the island of Radøy, and in adulthood she moved back to Voss, where she now have a studio in Magasinet. She has three years of school with drawing, shape and color education, various courses and self-study. She has participated in  exhibitions and is part of the artist collaboration, Kunstvandringa at Voss. 

A painting is a poem without words - Konfucius